The {Senior} Style Guide Introduction

Welcome senior ladies (and moms!) this page is an introduction for the senior portrait style guide. You can download the guide from this page as well as be connected to my Pinterest boards where I have hundreds of inspirational pins just waiting for you!! The most important thing for you to remember is this is a guide. It is meant to give you inspiration. Take these tips and bring your own personality and style to them! If you find a pin that fits you perfectly, awesome! Pin it to your own page and start searching for the items you need to create that outfit. Enjoy, have fun, and know that I am here if you need me!



It's amazing what an improvement hats can create for an outfit. I challenge you, if you are a hat person, to bring one to your photoshoot! We'll see what kind of photographic fun we can create with it. I love the way she has brown leather that is all slightly different in color, if I had to add one thing to her outfit it would be a necklace or a belt to help her fit the style guide better.

Colorful necklaces

The best cure for a monochromatic outfit is to add a colorful necklace or some really big jewelry to off set the monotoned coloring. With the above outfit I would bring options to this beautiful dress like a shall or little jacket to add variety in a gallery. Remember, you probably won't be holding a purse as an accessory for your photoshoot. Hahha.

TOOL Skirts

I am just in love with tool skits and they are so easy to find on Amazon if you can't find one locally. I really love her outfit, the two toned shirt is really working for me and her necklace is to die for! If I had to change one thing it would be that her shirt would be a lighter color to better fit the style guide.


Classic looks never go out of style

Steve Madden is my favorite shoe designer. The classic, everyday style is easy to dress up and still be casual. These classic looks never really go out of style and will allow you to look back on your senior photographs for years to come with awe. I might add a hat or a necklace to this outfit as well. 


Fresh Florals

Flower crowns are huge right now and they really do add a softness to the images  that is unparalleled. The fresh floral look can also be achieved with just a few flowers in a clip, how sweet is the above model? My only change would be for her necklaces to not be so small, they won't photograph well in the farther out shots.