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My name is Amanda and ah Productions is my dream.

I started my early photography career with a 35mm camera, chasing down my family pets and capturing images of the walls in my house, the carpet, and little more than those pets' tails. 

A lot has changed since my early years. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2013 from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a major in Photography. My college admissions counsoler told me that a really high percentage of students who apply to art school have Photography as their major. Then, within the first year, most students change their majors to something they are really passionate about. Me? I have been genuinely passionate about photography since I could hold a camera. I tell people all the time, "I didn't go to school for a profession, I went to school for something that I love!"

This creates a better experience for my clients...

Even though I have formal training, I am constantly trying to improve my craft and grow my understanding in the tools around me. This creates a better experience for my clients and a high quality that is not easily found in today's oversaturated market. Combining photography and working with people is a perfect blend of what fuels my creativity. Simply put, this is what I do.

Through a lot of exploration I have found that family, milestones, and general 'life' are what I love to photograph. My portrait sessions tend to be a mixture of the standard portraiture but also a sprinkling of the in-between moments, editorial images: the smiles and laughter but also those human interactions and normal way of being. 

ah Productions is an on-site photography brand based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, specializing in portrait photography. From senior and graduate photography to newborn and family photography; no milestone is too small to captured. ah Productions' goal is to help families create images and preserve memories that will truly last a lifetime. 

Capturing the "ah..." moments in your life.

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