Stella and Juno in Spring

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How do you welcome spring after a very long and cold winter? With a photoshoot like this! Two cute-as-can-be girls, in their spring dresses, dancing and playing around a Bradford Pear tree fresh in bloom, and enjoying one of the first warm Oklahoma days we have had all year.

Spring has sprung!

I have been photographing Stella and Juno for years now and I really enjoy spending time capturing them as they grow. Each time I photograph them, they are more mature, come out of their shell a little, and open up even more. They're more willing to go along with my crazy ideas and follow me through the adventure that is an ah Productions photoshoot with just children. It is such an honor to a part of this family's life for years, to watch these girls grow, and celebrate life with them!!

When their grandma and I cooked up this first spring photoshoot idea, we were instantly on the hunt for a beautiful Bradford Pear tree that was just their size. I drove around Tulsa and Broken Arrow stopping at quite few places to only find trees that 'would work'. When we talked about our findings, it turned out they had the perfect tree right in their back yard!

Of course the girls needed new spring dresses and tulle was on the list! Our idea came together on a perfect afternoon with spring Oklahoma weather that was to die for!

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A baby-Juno appears twice in my favorite 15 from 2015 reflection blog. Can you find her? I cannot believe how much she has grown!!

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