Pop-Up Pod


Gone are the days of changing your clothes in the car, behind a blanket, or running to the nearest gas station during a photoshoot. New to ah Productions is a pop-up dressing pod, which can be used at a moments notice, anywhere, and anytime!! The pop-up pod will be available at all photoshoots where a change of clothing is appropriate for the timeline. 

This bad boy, POP, made its debut during Rebecca and Murray's recent Maternity photoshoot and was I glad we had it on hand! I can't image being 30+ weeks pregnant and having to change in the back of a car!! POP will be there to help pregnant mommas, high school seniors, whole families, and any other clients get dressed in private.

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Pop up Pod collage.jpg

It makes me wish that I had something like POP during my own senior photoshoot, over a decade and some years ago... My mom drove me to my senior photoshoot in our mini-van. My dad removed the middle row of seats so I had room to worm around and change my clothes. The windows were tinted and even though I knew no one could see me, it was still an odd and very uncomfortable experience. I think I had 3-4 outfit changes and each one was exhausting!

Here's me all those years ago... these are just the ones I am somewhat willing to show!! (There are some that are just too embarrassing to post... We'll leave those in the past, where they belong. I mean, why did I wear that?!)

my senior photos.jpg
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