Sarah & Josh's Couple Photoshoot

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Sarah and Josh are two pretty special people to me, so when Sarah asked me to do a fall photoshoot, I asked her if I could have someone video record their photoshoot so I could make a promo video for ah... Productions. It was a match made in heaven! The video will be out in a few months, but these photos just cannot wait to be released!

Years ago, Josh and my husband became friends while serving on the same local volunteer fire department (both still do!) and one day decided that Sarah and I needed to be friends too. I remember meeting Sarah and talking with her for a long time that first day. But it wasn't until after her and Josh were married and moved 4 blocks away from us that Sarah and I really become friends. I'll spare you the ugly details of when Josh moved her several states away from me... only because he did eventually return her and they now live less than two miles away. It's not walking distance like before but it's also a lot closer than it once was!

Since their wedding, Sarah had been wishing for a perfect photoshoot of her and Josh. One recent fall evening we concocted the whole plan! Little did we know just how perfect it would be! Through a mutual friend, we had access to a private property with the most prefect trees with orange fall leaves!! I couldn't dream or Photoshop them any better. These are true, natural Oklahoma fall colors and I couldn't be happier to show off these images. 

broken arrow oklahoma couple photography in fall leaves, orange trees, ah productions
ah productions, broken arrow oklahoma, family photography, husband and wife

^^ This image is my absolute favorite!!! ^^

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