Capturing the "ah..." moments in your life.

Welcome to ah Productions!

Capturing the "ah..." moments in your life.


Welcome to ah Productions.

ah Productions is an on-site photography brand based in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, specializing in portrait photography. From senior and family photography to maternity, newborn and children portraits; no milestone is too small to be captured. ah Productions' goal is to help families create images and preserve memories that will truly last a lifetime. 

Capturing the "ah..." moments in your life.


Light. Bold. Natural.

Seniors, Family, and Wedding Photography

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My name is Amanda.

I started my early photography career with a 35mm camera, chasing down my family pets and capturing images of the walls in my house, the carpet, and little more than those pets' tails. Some day, I may do a blog post on my early, early portfolio. If you can really even call it a portfolio.

A lot has changed since my early years. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Pacific Northwest College of Art with a major in Photography. When I enrolled, I was told I would undoubtably change my mind about my passions, but I knew I never would. Photography and working with people have always been a positive force and creative outlet for me. Simply put, this is what I do.

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