i need to start blogging

A wise person once told me I needed to start blogging. Well, a few wise people have told me I needed to start blogging. When I say “once” I mean within the last two months I have heard this idea come back to me multiple times by many people that I know care about my success.

What do I care about? Taking photographs. And my husband, faith, family, Oregon football and dogs (and cat!). Ever since I can remember, I have been holding a camera and capturing life around me. Everything was interesting and I saw everything through the frame, maybe before I even knew what the frame really was. I got it, I saw it; it’s how I viewed and understood the world around me. I was always framing.

As Annie Leibovitz once said, “one doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.” - See more at, http://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/06/arts/design/06leib.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

Annie gets it. There were times, she goes on to admit, that she wished she wasn’t a photographer so she could experience a moment, deep moments, with her loved ones and family without the impulse to photograph. It’s how we see: it’s how our brains process and take in the world around us.

I’m sure my parents didn’t think the cat’s tail, the gravel in a parking lot, or the squirrel holding a Cheeto from North Dakota was very interesting. Nor did these things deserve to be documented and paid for in film and processing, but they supported me and bought me that 13,001 roll of film so I could continue in my exploration of photography. Needless to say, they were happy for the days of digital cameras!

I am passionate about photography and my new photography business; but even though the business is new, photography isn’t a new concept. I have been doing it all my life, constantly, with everything I see. So when the wise people told me to start blogging, I knew that I’d have to start.

See you next week.  Does the same time sound good?
-Amanda Hitchen

The above image was taken in Pont-Aven, France, near three fountains that are a landmark in the little town. This tucked away little space was covered with the most amazing trees: beautiful light brown and grey barked trees with light yellow and light lime green leaves, and the blue sky peaking through the roof of the forest.  I was inspired, I wanted to stay there forever and I could not stop photographing. The sun was shinning through the leaves created such beautiful patches of light. At times I was torn between enjoying the magical nature all around me and photographing it; everywhere I looked, there was something else, a nuance, that I felt compelled to photograph. I wished I had a blanket so I could have just laid on the ground and stayed there all afternoon. I would have been more than happy to practice being in the presence of the earth.