On their birthdays, every year, my two dogs and cat get mini-photoshoots; it's fun for me to look back and see how they've changed over the years. My husband and I love all our pets, but Casanova (Nova) is very dear to our hearts. He was our first dog together and he’s been our constant companion through thick and thin. Nova is a Boston Terrier. If you've ever known or owned one, you know they're a special breed. In many, many ways Nova is a classic Boston, but he's our Boston, our very unique Boston. 

ah productions_dog photography_ casanova
ah productions_dog photography_ casanova 2

Through the years, Nova has been photographed countless times. I'd go so far as to say he barely notices my camera. Some days he's the worst kind of client to photograph: constantly running at me, giving me kisses and wanting to sit next to me. Other days he's the best, and may I say the cutest, kind of client to photograph. He stays exactly where he is, doing just what he's doing and he looks straight at my lens. 

Casanova is seven this year and while he's still fairly young, he has over the past few years he's gained some bumps, bald spots and a few more grey hairs. However, none of this stops his nightly energetic ritual: at about 10 pm, he gets a wild look in his eye (we call this crazy-eye) he jumps, bucks and runs around barking; it's play time... ... ...for about 2 minutes, then it's pre-bedtime nap time. 

ah productions_dog photography_ casanova 3
ah productions_dog photography_ casanova 5
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ah productions_dog photography_ casanova 7

I photographed Nova at a local park and in our back yard in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. The trick with dog photoshoots is finding how the dog is motivated... my guy? It's treats! Casanova loves a good ride in the car so he was more than excited to get into the back seat after we asked, "You wanna go?!?" Those ears pop right up and instantly, he is set!

Until next time, enjoy your furry friends (those of you that have them!)

-Amanda Hitchen